There are so many types of fences including split rail, stockade style fence, slatted wood, picket fence, bamboo fence, natural branch fencing, wattle fencing or even a living fence made by bushes or trees.


A trellis is a simple framework of vertical supports and horizontal crosspieces that are usually flat and can train plants, like shrubs, small or young trees, or vines, to grow up and against an object. Typically, a trellis is made of open framework, like lattice, so that plants can be supported or woven through.


Retaining walls can help create separate areas in your garden by establishing level areas in a sloping yard. 

They give structure and help show off plants.

At Garden Environments, we create retaining walls from concrete blocks, stone, treated timbers, rocks or boulders. 

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Garden Environments is your best choice in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and the surrounding areas in North Carolina for a landscaper, landscape designer, and gardener for your gardening and hardscape projects including patios, ponds, pool area, backyard oasis, flower beds, pathways, plantings, deck area, herb garden, vegetable garden or natural garden.